Forty minutes north of Mexico, 50 years back in time and a lifetime away from LA roll 7 epic surf breaks along a 2 mile stretch of Pacific coast sand known as Leucadia®. A place where burritos are for breakfast and fish are for tacos. Church begins with dawn patrol and ends with a green flash.

Surfing isn't a sport here, its a religion.

Leucadia® is a spirit, an attitude and a lifestyle. Our lifestyle is best enjoyed with the fruits of our environment; agave. Tequila, made from the Agave fruit, thrives under the California sun and ripens by the Pacific Ocean breezes.  
When you spend the day under the California sun, enjoying the Pacific Ocean swells, the day is only truly captured with an evening taste of tequila to balance the sea salt that lives in the blood of all of us watermen. 

Unlike most tequilas, Leucadia® Tequila is distilled from 100% organic, ocean blue agave fruit. Organic farming, recycled glass and living a lifestyle to protect our oceans and reduce our impact is our focus and the ingredients to a sustainable brand.  
Our Reposado and Anejo lines are seasoned and rested in only American Oak barrels from managed, renewable resourced forestry for the richest chocolate, caramel and citrus fruit flavors your palate can experience.