Salt and Tequila

Using salt and lime before and after a shot of tequila goes way back.  This technique is often referred to in Mexico as 'training wheels', for those not accustomed to the taste.  In reality, the objective is simply to mask the harsh tang or bite of cheap tequila, sometimes referred to as Mezcal, which is not Tequila.

Mezcal is a mix of Agave, sugars and many other plants/ingredients.  Years ago, Mezcal was referred to as Tequila and began to tarnish the reputation of pure Tequila.  Soon, the growers and distillers of real Tequila, meaning 100% blue agave, lobbied to pass a law limiting the use of the word 'Tequila'.  They insisted that only pure blue agave distillers could use the word 'Tequila' on their bottles.  All others must use 'Mezcal'.  The law was passed.

Today, products like ours, can only display the word 'Tequila' on the label if manufactured from 100% agave fruit.  To go one step further, Leucadia® Tequila is also organic.  

On the other hand, must contain only 100% blue Agave.  Good tequila, like Leucadia® Tequila, do not require limes or salt to enjoy.