Leucadia® Tequila

Leucadia® Tequila.  100% Organic, Ocean Blue Agave.  

Leucadia Tequila is a pure and delicious product of our organic agave ranch in Tequila, Mexico.  There is no flavor in the world that compares to seven year old agave maturing in the moist Pacific ocean breezes beneath the warmth of the Baja sun.  Leucadia Tequila uses charred Tennessee bourbon seasoned American oak barrels to enhance and flavor our Reposado and Añejo selections.  

Rested up to 3 years, our Añejo line bellows with the flavors of sweet spices, toasty and smoky qualities including rich vanilla, chocolate and a hint of toffee. 

Our 2012-14 crop will be available for purchase the fall of 2020 in all 3 flavors (Silver, Reposado & Añejo).  Drink responsibly, surf regularly.