New Collagen Technology for Sunscreen; Protynal

A recent skin care development may be provide a breakthrough to the sunscreen game.  

While working with food allergies, Researchers found that the foods that affected the face, not the throat or stomach but the face, all had one common factor, low pH with a neutral enzyme attached.  Apparently, we have membranes inside our mouths which are connected directly to our facial skin.  When we eat foods with low pH and neutral enzymes, they are absorbed by these membranes, affecting our face. 

To battle these allergies and repair the skin, researchers lowered the pH of the collagen and added a neutral enzyme also known as Protynal. (pro-tin-all). This collagen was instantly absorbed by the membranes and began repairing the facial skin.  

Our team engaged with these researchers back in 2022 and began work on our sunscreen.  The objective was to add the necessary collagen to our sunscreen to address previous sun damage while using our Mugwax. 

In 2023 our first line of Mugwax with Protynal® was delivered.  We are proud to produce the first sunscreen with collagen technology capable of repairing previous sun damage while using Mugwax on a day to day basis. 


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