New Collagen Technology for Sunscreen; Protynal

Mugwax is the first sunscreen with Protynal collagen technology for repairing skin damage from previous exposure.

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Leucadia® Magazine

The Magazine

Leucadia® Magazine is an organic, high resolution look into the most beautiful community in California, if not the world.  Leucadia Magazine covers the surf breaks to the coffee breaks and every activity and grub stop in between.

 Leucadia Magazine is a lifestyle publication about the culture we have created and flavors we love to share.  Leucadia is a brand, a destination and a lifestyle we cherish, like our own child.  

The Technology 

Leucadia Magazine is produced through a joint venture with, a cutting edge software agency providing technology to our magazine never before used in a paper publication.  

Posse is known for building powerful and industry changing software for digital advertising and currently works with amazing brands like seen below.



Through coastal hospitality distribution, resorts and hotels will utilize our publication technology to increase their revenues and aid in their marketing campaigns.  Special QR software with AI technology provides digital insight never before utilized in publication form, providing vendors, restaurants, merchants and advertisers powerful data 


In summer of 2023, Leucadia the brand, will launch Leucadia Magazine, the most organic window into our surfing culture with the most technically advanced publication insights.  

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