Stone Steps

Stone Steps beach is a small, family oriented beach with a modest summer left.  Parking is limited to street parking but access is excellent.

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Grandview Beach

Grandview beach is the farthest north beach you can access by car in Leucadia. Grandview has great access from its parking lot which sets as far down Neptune street as you can go.  Unlike the dirt path at Beacons, Grandview beach as steps that take you from the parking lot to the beach.  

Grandview Beach has the largest parking lot of all the beaches in Leucadia.  

The break at Grandview is typically faster than Beacons and better suited for a shorter board.  Grandview break is very wide as some of the reef runs a couple hundred yards to the north.  Its great when the summer brings in a south swell in as you can setup far north of the busier area (near the steps) and grab some great surf. 


If you're a long boarder, looking for a long slow Waikiki style ride, Grandview is not the place for you.  Its 




Bamboo is a small beach/break just north of Beacons.


Beacons beach is a beautiful beach and slow break with dirt pathway access and its own off street parking.  Beacons is a great family beach with a true mix of surfers/beach goers.  Dogs are not allowed. 

Mid summer, you could say Beacons has a bit of a point break.  Unlike many of the breaks in Leucadia, Beacons holds good shape through both small summer swells as well as big northern winter swells.  In the summer, you can grab either a slow right or a bit faster left.  

The winter swells bring strong, long rights that can run a hundred yards or so.  The reef at Beacons is sits in deeper water than most in the area which creates a longer, slower ride building from further out than the neighboring breaks (South Beacons and Bamboo).  



Beacons can get pretty choked up with longboards in the summer as the break is slow and fun.   Because of its popularity, parking can be a bit challenging during summer holidays and big swells.  Park on the street and enjoy the walk if you have to.  



North Moonlight Beach

North Moonlight is considered the beach area north of the cottonwood creek which flowing to the ocean.